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One of Mark Lenard's two daughters, Catherine, is writing a biography of her father. It will feature some of Mark's own writings, including material from his unfinished autobiography, as well as reminiscences by Catherine.

Catherine Lenard has been working on the book for several years and is currently on the second draft. The biography, originally announced as a joint work between Catherine and her former husband, Robert, is now a solo project, as Catherine explains:

"I am doing it alone because Robert and I got divorced seven years ago. I am focusing on Mark as he developed as an actor and a human being. There will be Star Trek in it, but very intimate sorts of things."

Catherine has agreed to share some of her reminiscences with us on this site and, if they are anything to go by, the book will offer some fascinating and valuable new insights into Mark's life and work.

Mark Lenard's Rookies role on DVD from July 2007

The complete first season of the 1970s TV cop series, The Rookies, is to be released on DVD in the USA in July 2007.

The five-disc DVD set will feature 23 episodes from the Aaron Spelling/Leonard Goldberg series, which follows the adventures of three police officers in an anonymous Southern Californian city. Included is the 1973 episode, Life Robbery or Tribute to a Veteran, in which Mark Lenard is a guest actor.

In the episode, Mark Lenard plays Fred Cox, a man who is driven to revenge when he is expelled from his country club after losing his prestigious job. The role is typical of Lenard's characterization of villains. He often emphasized that when playing the villain, heavy or, as he called it, antagonist, he would inwardly take the side of the character, seeing the situation through his eyes. The result is a more engaging and believable "villain".


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