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Recollections and Impressions


Florida-based photographer, George Olsen, a friend of Mark's at Michigan University, shares unique photographs and ancedotes about Mark's early theatre performances. George Olsen

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Catherine Lenard, Mark's daughter, talks about her father, and her work on his biography.

Catherine Lenard

Actor Al Learned describes his experiences of being a student in two of Mark's acting classes.

The Ballou brothers, from the family of Mark's close friend, David Ballou, discuss their impressions of Mark.


The aim of this site is to try to present a broader picture of the work, life and character of Mark Lenard, best known as the actor who played Sarek in the popular science fiction television and film creation, "Star Trek".

Most people, to some extent, show a different face to everyone they meet. In Mark Lenard's case, the impression often arose that only a partial view of him was visible. Sometimes it was quite a minor trait that came to the fore, while other aspects of his complex character disappeared from view, or remained only dimly discernable, hovering in the background. This is, of course, something he was able to make use of in his acting. In any case, in an attempt to offer some insight into the depth and range of his personality, we've asked a number of individuals, who met Mark Lenard in varied circumstances, to give their impressions of him and share some stories and anecdotes.

We plan to continually add new articles to this section. If you knew Mark, or had a meaningful meeting with him, which you would be happy to write about, please get in touch with Jen Gold, at


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